Saturday, March 11, 2017

Newborn Nights

What's my overnight doula shift look like?

Dinner with husband, one episode of a TV show on DVR, and I'm out the door.
I arrive at my clients house, mom, dad (or both) welcome me with a smile, usually saying something like "I'm glad you're here!"  THAT is music to my ears.

We have a brief chat; talking about the days events (feeding/pooping/sleeping), how everyone is feeling and our collective plan for the evening (estimated feeding times, feeding method, whether there's laundry to fold, a kitchen to tidy up...)

Mom goes off to feed baby while I get the room ready:
Diaper/wipe supply? Check.
Vaporizer filled? Check
Clean clothes and burp cloth supply? Check
Swaddle unfolded and ready? Check
Nursery cool, dark and comfortable? Check
Floor clear so I don't trip over anything? Check

One last visit with mom to see if she needs anything; she smiles, hands me a full and content baby (most times) and settles in for a restful sleep.

Baby and I get ready for our night together - a comfortable swaddle for baby and a warm baby for me to snuggle. The darkness takes over while we breathe together and become one.
When hunger cues are visible, baby either goes to mom for nursing or I lovingly bottlefeed.
The night stretches on, the family sleeps while I keep constant watch of their precious new family member.
Daylight approaches as the world and the house yawn awake.
Mom comes in the nursery, rested and happy.
I smile, hand over a contented baby and go home for my own restful sleep, usually dreaming of babies.

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