With 30 years experience in serving families and a passion for helping moms, Paulette Butler has been considered an amazing asset to all who engage her postpartum doula services. Her desire to help each family connect with their own parenting choices has allowed her the opportunity to utilize the newborn and parenting skills that she has been gathering for decades.

Paulette, a trained postpartum doula, studied with Doulas of North America. Her affiliation with Doulas of Rhode Island adds an extra layer of training and support. As a mother of two adult children and two grandchildren, Paulette has the experience and confidence to work with families and their newborns.  

One of Paulette's most rewarding days as a doula was when a postpartum client woke from a nap, entered the baby's newly organized room, and exclaimed "You worked your magic!"
Paulette's journey started in 1982 as a ski instructor in Massachusetts. Two months after giving birth, she was teaching skiing. The ski school director gave her a toddler to teach "because she was breastfeeding." Paulette then spent 16 years in the children's ski school, successfully teaching children to ski and enjoy nature.
In 1984, working for a branch of the YMCA, Paulette became a certified Prenatal/Postpartum fitness instructor. She taught classes, trained staff and assembled a medical advisory board, overseeing the program for 10 years. The "Baby and Me" program brought hundreds of new moms to the YMCA, resulting in playgroups, many new friendships and fit and healthy mothers.
As a cloth diaper advocate, Paulette developed Diaper Concepts, selling hard-to-find reusable diaper covers and absorbent diapers. She started this business on the 20th anniversary of Earth Day, having the support of local obstetricians and pediatricians. Paulette was invited to health fairs and childbirth classes to share her product knowledge and coach families how to easily wash diapers at home.
Paulette trained with Families First Rhode Island as a volunteer Mentor Mom. She was paired with local women, providing support and compassion during their transition into motherhood.

When Paulette found out about Doulas of Rhode Island, becoming a postpartum doula was a natural fit. She looks forward to assisting moms, and their families, become comfortable and confident with their precious newborns. One of her early clients needed overnight help with twins. Right away, Paulette saw the value of helping parents at night. She loved seeing the happy and rested faces in the morning. It was then that Paulette decided to specialize in overnight postpartum care.

In September 2015, Paulette attended intensive 5 day Lactation Counselor training, passed the exam, and became a Certified Lactation Counselor. She is confident and passionate in helping new moms have a successful breastfeeding experience. Please view lactation services at Breast for Success.
My loves. Circa 1988
Paulette resides in North Smithfield with her husband Al, cockatiel and dog, Mitchell, a Pet Partners Therapy Dog.

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