Breastfeeding Prep

If you're committed to breastfeeding your baby, get the rundown for success, right from the start!  

As a Certified Lactation Counselor and an experienced nursing mom, we'll get together prior to birth for a "Breastfeeding Prep" session. I'll follow up after birth for a latch and breastfeeding assessment either at the hospital or your home. 

Get breastfeeding off to the best start! New parents underestimate the importance of early breastfeeding training and information; let me help you with this important process. I have Foley Breastfeeding Cups at $6 each.

Put breastfeeding training in your own hands. Call today for an appt: 401-441-9880

  • Learn what to expect and plan for the first 10 days of breastfeeding.
  • Gain confidence as a new mother.
  • Get started with a great initial latch.
  • Reduce the likelihood of pain while breastfeeding.
  • Learn how to know if your baby is getting enough.
  • Ensure a good milk supply.


Here are some breastfeeding success stories from my Rhode Island clients:

"Thanks for the tips! I was able to pump 2.5 ounces from one breast!"

"Being able to nurse after exclusive pumping for 3 months is the biggest accomplishment I've ever experienced. Took motherhood to a new level for me."

"Thank you so much! I'm not giving up. She nursed all day, basically every hour. She's quiet and content! You are so sweet for helping me, heartfelt appreciation for your support!"

"Thank you so much for coming by and sharing your expertise, it really helps to have someone look at what we're doing and confirm we're on the right track, give tips for improvement, etc. We really appreciate it, and thank you for the resources! I'll be sure to check them out."

The widespread use of formula has interrupted the mother-to-daughter transmission of basic breastfeeding skills.

Many women have never seen a breast fed baby before they attempt it for the first time.
Among mothers who intended to exclusively breastfeed, 85% intended to do so for three months or more, only 32.4% met their goal.

The three top reasons breastfeeding women supplement with formula without a medical reason:

  1. Lack of preparation for what the newborn period would be like.
  2. Lack of timely interventions and support. The fastest drop off rate in breastfeeding rates occur in the 10 days after hospital discharge.
  3. Mothers stopped breastfeeding at different times for different reasons: perception of not enough milk, the baby won't latch, breast pain/soreness due to a poor latch, or work/school responsibilities.

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Breastfeeding supportFee: $110 for both prenatal breastfeeding preparation and after birth assessment and unlimited text/email/phone support
Call or text 401-441-9880. My services are available throughout Rhode Island and SE Massachusetts.
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Breastfeeding Resources:

How Much Milk Should You Expect to Pump?

Hand expression video

Hand Expression: A Very Valuable Skill
Suggested viewing: Breastmilk - The Movie available on Netflix

* Lactation Training provided by The Healthy Children Project

  Certification exam administered by The Academy of Lactation Policy and Practice, Inc.

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