Thoughts from the parents of twins...

Paulette was a complete lifesaver! We were at the end of our rope with twins who were up all night, and Paulette did much more than just let us get a good night's sleep. She was a calming presence who made us feel in control of the situation, she helped us problem-solve with our little ones (always checking in on days she wasn't with us to see how things were going), and she connected us with numerous other people to help with our needs. We are so grateful!"  David - Warwick

"My husband and I were extremely happy with all the help and services Paulette provided to our twins this past winter. She even took the time to help me when I developed mastitis...mixing up a special tea that helps reduce inflammation." Erin - N. Kingstown 

"Paulette came to work with us a few days after our twins were born. She was very professional, knowledgeable and caring. Not only did the twins receive excellent overnight care, but my wife and I were able to get the rest we needed to work and care for our other children.I would highly recommend hiring Paulette to help your newborn(s) transition into your family." Brandon - Cumberland  

...and from the parents of singletons

"Paulette made our transition into parenthood an easy one.  I am not sure whether anything can prepare a new parent for the way the world is turned upside down by a newborn, and although much of it is exhilarating, lack of sleep and fatigue is one of the greatest challenges.
Having Paulette in our lives a couple of nights a week to help us with our newborn son truly made us feel more rested, as well as more confident and competent in our parenting abilities.
First, from the moment we met Paulette, we felt comfortable with her.  She is competent, professional, and reliable, and it was apparent from our very first interaction with her.  She was always easy to reach, and she was both flexible with our schedule and upfront and honest about her availability.
Second, Paulette has this special way about her where she somehow slipped seamlessly into our lives and our home without disruption.  She made herself at home, but she did not push boundaries.
Third, and importantly, Paulette has a special way with babies.  At least that is our experience with our son, as well as the experience of another family we know who hired Paulette to help them post-partum.  It felt to us that her calming presence was felt by our son and put him at ease.  She was easily able to sooth him and help him sleep.
Fourth, Paulette was an invaluable resource to us.  She taught us her “tricks,” gave us great parenting and baby advice, watched us interact with our son and offered feedback that was always supportive, and reassured us of our methods and choices. We were also able to observe her with our son, and learn from her methods.
As Paulettte is also a lactation counselor, it was invaluable having Paulette as a resource and support for breastfeeding.  My husband and I would strongly recommend Paulette’s overnight post-partum services."  Megan & T.J. -Providence

"I was so lucky to meet Paulette Butler in the last trimester of my second pregnancy. Having already suffered through one postpartum period, I was scrambling for ways to make our second child's arrival a bit easier on our growing family. After one meeting with Paulette, I was confidant that postpartum doula services would be just what we were looking for. Paulette is a wonderful addition to a family in transition, she fit into our household effortlessly. Those first few weeks and months can be alternatively awe inspiring and terrifying, Paulette was there to ease me though the difficult moments and is an excellent resource for all things related to women's health. What she doesn't know, she finds out on your behalf and shares with you. I couldn't be luckier or more thankful to have had her expertise though my postpartum period." Lily - E. Greenwich

"Paulette is an amazing postpartum doula. She was literally a lifesaver during my "4th trimester."I had a hard delivery and the early weeks after my delivery were complicated by a scheduled surgery 3 weeks later. Paulette came 2 days a week. She allowed me to rest, engaged me in thoughtful conversations, and even accompanied me to Dr. appts for both myself and new baby.I don't have any family in the area and my husband had limited time off of work, so having Paulette just be there AND help with childcare, cooking, cleaning was just a blessing. The emotional support she provided to me during my recovery was priceless.I highly recommend Paulette's services. My child was always happy with her and she taught me so many tricks to being able to survive with a newborn. " Karlene - Providence 
"Thank you so much Paulette. You made such a difference to my wife. I have not seen her this rested since several weeks before the birth!" Jesse - Providence 
"Paulette was with us from shortly after our second child's birth until he was three and a half months. We cannot say enough good things about her. She was wonderful with the baby - caring, experienced, loving, thoughtful - and with us. She helped us countless times in thinking through how to help him (and us!) sleep better, and made the first months of his life infinitely more manageable. She left us with a happy, easy, night time baby and I know she deserves much of the credit! Paulette was also incredibly good with us. She is extremely relaxed and easy to be around, and we always woke up to find the laundry folded, fruit cut up, dishwasher emptied, etc. My husband still says he misses the "nighttime elves"!
Emily - Providence
"Just knowing you're coming already makes me feel better. This may sound strange but, when I met you, I had an initial gut feeling about your warmth and caring. Thought you should know that's what you exude."   Layla - Providence
"Paulette is truly wonderful. We interviewed her a month before our due date and just got a lovely feeling from her. We immediately knew she was the right fit for our family.  She was with us a few nights a week for the first two months of our baby's life and she was beyond invaluable. I can't tell you how many times my husband and I said to each other "Thank goodness for Paulette!" We would spend the whole day excited for our “Paulette nights” knowing that we would get some time to ourselves, a good nights sleep and that we would wake up feeling refreshed. I always felt safe knowing she was watching over our baby. 
As an added bonus, the piles of laundry that I could never get to (thanks to having a newborn!) would be neatly folded in the morning. Such a big help!

She has a true talent for taking care of newborns and our little girl took to her right away.  She is gentle, sincere, and just really fun to talk to!  She arrives every evening with a smile on her face and always asks how the entire family is doing. She has a very warm heart and a deep joy of babies and helping families. She offers advice when we seek it, but is completely supportive of our choices without judgment. You can tell that Paulette takes great pride in her work and she does an amazing job.  We would hire her again in an instant!"    Jackie - Providence

Mommy slept great last night!
Thanks Paulette
My thanks to the babies:                              
Kai                             Walker             
Madeline                   Graham
Fiona                          Finn 
Abby                          Thomas
London                      June
Juliette                       Connor
Ayla                            Payton
Chole & Ella
Isaac & Miles
William & Julia
Isabelle & Paul

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