Monday, August 31, 2015

What's Your Secret? NightLight Doula

You wake up, the early morning sun seems promising outside your window. Your baby is placed in your arms, and you feel refreshed and rested.
What did your friend say at the park, about the sleepless nights of early parenthood? You think, curious.
She and her husband have been stressed out, madly in love with the new addition to their family, but a little overwhelmed with balancing care for their child, responsibilities, and their careers. They're finding it difficult to manage their time. Sleep, frankly, has become an oversight for them.
She'd asked you what your secret was to handling it all. "Without question," you said," NightLight Doula." That's what Paulette Butler, owner of NightLlight Doula offers: the peace of mind that new parents dream of.
A postpartum doula is a practice originating in ancient Greece. This custom granted parents assistance with the exhausting and overwhelming aspects of new parenthood, so that they could simply enjoy their love for each other and their newborn, while maintaining the quality of life they were accustomed to. Paulette believes in this concept so much that she studied the practice with DONA (Doulas of North America) and became a postpartum doula.
Paulette is a mother and grandmother who, though too modest to admit it, has seen it all when it comes to raising children. She offers overnight in-home doula services, respectfully catered to your parental style, that put your child in caring, experienced hands. She watches the newborn all night long and will lovingly bottle feed or bring you your baby for breastfeeding. Paulette will change and comfort baby back to sleep, while you and your partner enjoy the deep sleep you need and deserve. She's even willing to assist with household chores such as laundry.
When you tell your friends Nightlight Doula is your secret, you'll have an image in your mind of Paulette greeting you with her warm smile when you enter your nursery well-rested, and seeing her softly singing to your newborn, cradled in loving arms. Let Nightlight Doula provide you peace of mind.

Guest post by Tommy Scanlan Copy That Copywriting and Marketing


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