Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Postpartum Doulas: We wear a lot of hats!

postpartum doula rhode islandWhen you hire a postpartum doula, you are hiring a multitasking, mind-reading, troubleshooting Super Hero. Guess what? All these attributes are needed when you’re learning how to care for a new human being. Postpartum Doula is definitely more than a babysitter or the person who cleans your countertops.

10. Bouncer: We can gently inform excited family members to back off your baby and that you're resting and not taking visitors.
9. Home Administrator: Laundry is not your priority, but very important after your precious baby soils your comfy leggings. If you feel like Old Mother Hubbard and the cupboards are bare, it’s time for the home admin. to go grocery shopping. 8. Partner Mediator: In case you need help suggesting your loving partner to take a nap - go out for a beer - give you space - get your mother-in-law off your back. 7. Nonjudgmental Analyst: You'll want to discuss every detail about your birth, but your partner is so done. I can really listen for hours. 6. Your Parent: You'll probably need someone to gently remind you to take a shower. But not someone to tell you how much easier breastfeeding was years ago. 5. Your Backup Brain: Sleep loss can sometimes lead to you doubting your own gut instinct. It helps to have someone to reassure you that you're dressing the baby correctly and that it’s ok to set your newborn down for a moment so you can hit the bathroom. 4. Confidential Informant: Most 2 month olds do not sleep through the night, and many 12 month olds don’t either. Don’t fall for all those perfect stories that your relatives share. 3. Nursing Technician: Feeding positions? Breastmilk storage? Clogged milk ducts?  I can help. 2. Personal Assistant: You deserve to be taken care of as you learn to take care of your newborn. I'll take overwhelming tasks and break them down for you. 1. Baby Virtuoso: As postpartum doulas, we've seen it all. We don't get rattled or nervous.

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