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A good night's sleep doesn't have to be a dream!
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Overnight doula care is available in
Rhode Island & S.E. Massachusetts.
Benefit from a faster birth recovery, experience less anxiety, prevent postpartum mood disorders and have a higher breastfeeding success rate.
Postpartum doula care benefits your whole family.

Q: What is an overnight doula?

A:  A popular but obscure service is the overnight doula.  Often seen as a luxury or something exclusively designed for bottle fed babies, an overnight doula is more than meets the (bleary) eye.
For a breastfeeding family, a doula does everything other than nurse so the new mothers only concerns are restful feedings intermixed with deep sleep.  I'll change diapers, burp, rock, walk and soothe.  Believe it or not, at least two extra hours of sleep can be achieved by relieving new parents of those tasks, if only for one night.
Sleep is valuable, but an overnight doula means even more to some new parents. Worries and fears loom larger at night than they do in the daytime.  Sometimes it’s nice to ask—at 2 a.m.—the straightforward question:  Is this normal?
When it comes to new baby and new parents, nothing’s new to a postpartum doula.  It's very hard to rattle, alarm or even faze me.  During the dark hours I’m a nightlight of sorts.  Making things a little less scary, illuminating what is right before you so that you can clearly see.

Q: Why would I need a postpartum doula to stay overnight?

A: Good question! Lack of sleep can leave you drained, frustrated and prone to illness. Many of my clients worked very hard for their successful careers and businesses. Unfortunately, the standard "maternity leave" does not always provide the rest a new moms needs; she continues to check emails, phone messages and make business decisions.  The other top reasons to have overnight care are:

Overnight postpartum doula care in Rhode Island
  • New parents without local extended family.
  • First time parents with limited newborn experience.
  • Parents with other children to care for.
  • Delivery via c-section.
  • Unforseen medical complications.
  • Mothers returning to the workplace.
  • Couples with a partner that travels.
  • Twins!

Q: I'm planning to breastfeed, how does that work?

A: I'll watch for hunger cues, bringing baby to you for nursing. After you finish on one breast, I'll change the diaper, rousing the baby from sleep, so he/she is awake to nurse on the other side. When you're finished, I'll burp, swaddle, comfort and put your little one back to sleep.

Turn off the monitor, shut your eyes and mind, knowing I'm there to watch over your baby. This enables you and your partner to sleep deeply. Won't that be nice!

I'm a Certified Lactation Counselor to assist with any breastfeeding issues. Whether you need help at 11 pm or 4 am, I'm there for you 100%.
If bottlefeeding, either formula or pumped breastmilk, I'll lovingly bottlefeed using the Paced Feeding Method.

Q: What hours do you come over?

A: My overnight shift is 10 pm to 7 am. although I often stay later than 7 am. If parents and baby are sleeping, I stay until one parent wakes up (no additional charge; my goal is for you to sleep as much as possible!)
During our time together, we evaluate your baby's temperment and explore what works to soothe and keep baby content. I can teach you many evidence based techniques for comforting you and your newborn.

Q: How much do you charge for overnight postpartum care?

A: My 9+ hour overnight service is $225 (singleton) $315 (twins).
I'm available any night; you choose the amount of nights/weeks to meet your needs. You'll also receive unlimited support via phone/text/email.
Would you like to wake up to a sparkling kitchen, fruit cut up for breakfast and folded laundry?
I'll do that for you too! Contact me for a complimentary, no obligation, consultation.
Mom and dad can sleep like a baby too!

Q: How long do families need a postpartum doula?

A: It varies. Some families hire for a few overnights, some for five nights a week. Some families need two weeks, other families need three months. I'm flexible and will stay as long as needed, until you feel confident in your new role as a parent.

Q: Do you offer daytime postpartum help?

A: Since I specialize in overnight postpartum care, I need to fit in sleep for myself during the day.
For families needing daytime help, I can recommend several qualified doulas from the Doulas of Rhode Island membership.

Q: Can I purchase overnight postpartum care to give as a gift?

I'm a mother of two adult
children and two grandsons.
A: Absolutely!  Baby clothes are cute, but they get very little use. Flowers and plants need to be watered. A new mom will welcome a great night of sleep. Contact me for details.

My service area is Rhode Island and SE Massachusetts. If travel time from my home in North Smithfield is more than 45 minutes, there's a minimal travel fee.

Have a question? Please use the form on the right-hand side of the page, I will answer personally and add your question to this page. Feel free to call/text 401-441-9880

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